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Holiday, Sleepaway and Summer Horse Camps

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Evermore Farm offers a host of both Day and Sleep Away Camps for horse and homestead enthusiasts.    Year round we offer full day programs for riders ages 4 - 14.  

Throughout the school year and in conjunction with Shelby County School Calendar we host single day camps that are similar to our Summer Camp Program, however you can choose to attend just one day or multiple days. We are now enrolling for our Spring Break Horse and Pony Camps scheduled for April 1 & 2, 2019.  No Experience is necessary for these day camps and there are a perfect introduction to horses for the novice rider, and also excellent extra barn and saddle time for those enrolled in our Riding Program.  Campers ages 4-7 will enroll in Pony Camp and campers 8-14 will enroll in Horse Camp. Full and 1/2 day options are available, as well as extended hours. 

Each Summer Evermore is host to a  variety of Summer Camps, both Day and Sleep Away.  There is a camp for everyone !   We host our traditional and always popular Horse and Pony Camps perfect for new or beginner riders, we offer a week long Sleep Away Camp that brings in riders from across the country to experience Evermore and Kentucky, and NEW this year are or Mini Farmer and Magical Gilitter Unicorn Camps! Registration is now open, and Early Bird discounts of up to 25% off are offered through April 1, 2019. 

We encourage any one interested in Evermore to  to come our for a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS! It is a perfect way to meet our horses and staff, if you are unsure about enrolling in Camp come for a FREE class and we can help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Follow us to Evermore! 


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Summer Camp Offerings

We encourage you to take a free introductory riding class prior to camp, call to schedule!

Spring Break Day Camps

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Away Camp

Where will Campers be Bunked?


Sleep away campers will be bunked in our client apartment, located directly above the barn.  Our client apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths as well as full kitchen and laundry. Campers will be bunked 4-5 to a room. Campers will eat most meals in the apartment on the deck overlooking the farm.  The apartment fridge will be stocked at all times with  snacks, campers will be served 3 meals a day, most at the farm, some off sight.  Breakfasts will include bagels, cereals, fruit and yogurts. Most lunches will be a build your own sandwich or salad bar also served with fresh fruits and veggies.  Dinners will be brought in such as Pizza and Subs or some nights we may grill out.  Please let us know of any food allergies or aversions and we will make sure to accommodate.  Campers will be monitored at all times by our head councilor.  Lights out at 10pm each night and  breakfast served at 8am. 

WHat can my camper expect to expierience at


Campers can expect to ride, ride and ride!  Each day campers will be a on a horse a minimum of two times many days 3-4.  Some riding time will be in group lessons, some will be on an individual basis and there will also be plenty of time for trail rides and games on horseback. All lessons will be taught by Jessie Richardson, and all games and trail rides lead by an assistant instructor.  Riders looking for more personalized attention or with specific goals are encouraged to select our riding intensive add on, this package will give your camper 4 Private Lessons with Jessie Richardson.  It will also include an end of camp consultation with parents and riders to discuss progress and potential. 

In addition to all that riding time , each day we will venture off the farm and into the Saddlebred Capitol of the World!  We have trips planned to some of the nations top training facilities, campers will meet first hand  World Champion Trainers, Riders and Horses !   Campers can expect photo ops with some of their favorite show ring stars. Campers will also travel to the Harridsburg County Fair to ride the rides and watch the horse show.  We will also spend an  evening or two at the Clear Creek Park Pool for a little down time. 

The KY Experience Camp will be packed full of all things Saddlebred ! 

What should my rider pack?


Riders will need to pack both riding clothes and play clothes. Riders will receive 3 t-shirts upon arrival, and will be asked to wear these when we go to off sight excursions and for all riding time .  On these off sight excursions campers are asked to wear jobs and boots as well.  Campers will have access to the apartment washer and dryer. 


BLACK OR NAVY JODS ONY, please make sure all jods have tie downs, no tie down = no riding. 



GLOVES = required at all times

SADDLE- not required






CELL PHONES -allowed in apartment only 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Farmer Camp

What Activites are planned


Campers will be emerged in the world of Homesteading,  From planting, to Harvesting to Animal Husbandry . Campers will spend their time at the farm learning all aspects of self reliance and self sustainability.   They will be lead through the process of seed planting, plant transferring and  harvesting. Campers will experience the joy of preparing a meal  from food gathered straight from the garden and coop.  Campers will learn how to make jam, pickles and tomato sauce only minutes after pulling these fruits and veggies from the garden. We will make homemade teas from our herb garden.  Campers will learn how to feed and care for Horses and Chickens.   There will be time for walks through the hay field and wild flower picking too! 

What should my child wear


Homesteading is a dirty job! Send your campers in clothes suitable for farm work and play. Campers should wear hard soled closed toed shoes such as a tennis shoe, hiking boot or riding boot.  All Campers should wear long pants. I recommend a hat and lots of sunscreen. We will be spending the majority of our time outside in direct sun. 

What should my child bring


Each day please send your child with a backpack with the following. 

Snacks, Water Bottle & Sunscreen. 

Campers will bring home the fruits of their labor daily to share with their family and friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse,Pony & Unicorn Camp

What should my child wear to camp


Campers are not required to wear any specialized riding clothes. They must be in long pants and a hard soled shoe. Evermore will provide helmets. If you are interested in purchasing proper riding clothing  please refer to the PDF download on this page outlining what to purchase and where it can be found locally. 

What should my chld bring to camp


Please send your child each day with a backpack containing the following: 

Lunch, snack, water bottle, and sunscreen. Please apply sunscreen generously before  leaving home. 

If your child is attending Unicorn Camp they may bring " accessories " from home, 

What should my chld expect each day


Each Day Campers will receive daily riding lessons, one each morning and one each afternoon. Horsey Arts and Crafts are always a camp favorite. Campers will play games both on and off horseback.  Other activities we have planned are picnic lunches, scavenger hunts, relay races, paint the pony, photo booth and more. Campers will also enjoy learning all about horses and ponies through educational games and activities.  It will be all horses all day!  Unicorn Campsers can expect all of these same activities , but with a magical twist! 

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