Evermore Training Program

At Evermore Farm we train American Saddlebreds, Morgans and Hackney Ponies for both local and national competition. We teach Saddleseat Riding Lessons.   Our string of show horses compete across the Kentucky Blue Grass spring through fall as well as traveling throughout the southern and midwestern states.  Each year we attend both the World and National Championships, as well as a vast array of regional and local level shows.

At  Evermore we promise to work one on one with our each of our owners to create a training program perfectly designed to achieve their specific goals.  Whether you are an investment owner, a local exhibitor, a nationally competitive rider, or simply a hobbyist  Evermore Farm will always cater to your personal aspirations. 

At Evermore we have one staff member for every four horses, ensuring the highest level of care and as well as attention to detail. Evermore Farm head Trainers Mike and Jessie Richardson approach each horse individually, establishing a training program custom suited to that particular horses needs as well as putting owners personal goals at the forefront of their training routine. 

A rigorous training program for your horse goes hand in hand with intense riding lessons for the armature owner as well. We encourage all of our juvenile and armature  exhibitors commit to frequent riding lessons to ensure both horse and rider are ready for the show ring. We offer an Unlimited Lesson package to ensure our exhibitors access to as many lessons as recommended by their horses trainer. 

At Evermore with our American Saddlebreds and Saddleseat Riding Lessons.

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Price List

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